Shakira Hairstyles

Singing sensation Shakira, is not only well known for her vocal range and singing prowess but also her personal style – and the one thing that defines the singer, apart from her music, is her ever changing hairstyle. Let us take a look at some of the most popular Shakira hairstyles that we liked over the years.

Shakira Hairstyles : Blonde Hair With Black Streaks

Shakira Hairstyles blonde hair black streaks-2The black highlights interspaced with blonde gave Shakira an edgy feel. It spelled R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. She wore the hair tousled and it really suited her, in fact it became like an extension of her personality.
Shakira Hairstyles blonde hair black streaks-1Shakira Hairstyle blonde hair

Shakira Hairstyles : Straight Hair

Shakira Hairstyles-straight hairThere was a period of time when Shakira went in for straight hair, though the straight hair would be stylized in different ways such as with a poof or back combed. It had a very pretty feel to it.

Shakira Hairstyles : Twisted Braid Hair

Shakira Hairstyles- twisted-braid-HairShakira went through a phase of braided hairstyle that added drama to her style. It went well with her performer look.

Shakira Hairstyles : Curls and Waves

Shakira Hairstyles-curly wavesThe curly wavy hairstyle is the one which is most identifiable with Shakira. In fact, one can relate Shakira most with this particular hairstyle and it looks really natural on her.
Shakira Hairstyles-curly waves-2Shakira has sported this style in varying lengths – from shoulder length to longer, and in different colors that have ranged from brown blonde to bottle blonde and the shades in between.

Shakira Hairstyles-curly waves-3Shakira does justice to all the hairstyles that she sports, however, which one of these Shakira hairstyles do you think does the most justice to her?

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