Ovopur – Eco-friendly Water Filtration System from Aquaovo

We can all agree that water is an essential part of our lives. But in our modern society, water is taken for granted or hidden away. Aquaovo is a Canadian company, which returns water to its central role in our lives. Aquaovo specializes in designing and distributing water filtration systems. Inspired by nature and steeped in environmental awareness, the company creates the revitalizing water filter Ovopur. An offline gravitational filter solves the problem of drinking water quality in urban environments. With its natural, innovative design and resolutely green approach, Ovopur is a breath of fresh air in the world of water filtration units. Environmentally friendly to the core, the unit doesn’t consume any electricity, using gravity instead to filter and revitalize tapwater.
Eco-friendly Water Filtration System from Aquaovo
The unique shape of the water filtration unit did not result from sheer serendipity. Inspired by the work of water research pioneers, its shape eases the circulation and regeneration of water. Its overall look is one of abundance, purity, rebirth and infinity. Its appealing curves and use of fine materials like porcelain, glass and metal bear witness to commitment to aesthetics and quality.
Eco-friendly Water Filtration System from Aquaovo
The Ovopur unit combines the unique shape of an egg and the thermal properties of porcelain to preserve and revitalize water. Its sleek curves and total absence of right angles allow water to flow freely and naturally. Temperature differences and normal flow induce a biotic movement that prevents stagnation, reduces the risk of bacteria buildup, and helps to revitalize the water.
Designed in Canada, the Ovopur filtration unit is made from materials that fuse age-old traditions with tomorrow’s trends. The Aquaovo experience is painstakingly handcrafted following the age-old traditions of Chinese artisans. Stonecutters, glassblowers and ceramicists come together to create a perfect artform that is also a valuable part of daily life.
Eco-friendly Water Filtration System from Aquaovo
Eco-friendly Water Filtration System from Aquaovo

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