Miley Gets the Best of Both Worlds

How’s it like to have a million dollar for every day of your life until now?
Miley “Hannah Montana” Cyrus is 15 years old and has a $14 Millions fortune. The “daily job” as featured in the TV Show is her teenage life, her “night job” is pop star Hannah Montana. The show’s soundtrack entered simultaneously with seven singles in the US Top. After waiting up two years for the show, Destiny Hope smashed everything in her way with her TV appeal and even changed her name in Miley early this year.
Miley Cyrus - Hannah Montana

Fortunately, her family is supportive and fear the precedent teenagers sensations (Brit) so Miley’s forbidden to have a credit card and she only gets $300/month for clothes. For her early age, she’s got a doll, a dance mat, electric guitar, bath sets, electronics, books, bags, pillows, there’s no stopping her. More contracts, more products to come and she’s already compared to Elvis. It seems not only she got fame and money, but also a tight control from her family. We’ll just see how that’s gonna end up.
Hannah Montana Products

When reading these lines, I’m just happy my kids don’t have the age to understand Hannah show and they won’t fall into Miley’s charm. I’ve always been an adept of raising children in a classic manner, TV falling into a category of restricted topics. I mean I’m the kind of parent who doesn’t agree to pay for amusing the children. The parks are still free last I checked and running around or playing some sport has never been taxed when done with the family in the park. How do you (did you) raise(d) your kids? Is TV a part of the children’s life? What’s the latest style in children’s education?
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