Louis Vuitton Animals By Billie Achilleos

Oh, the Louis Vuitton people! sigh! I wish it would be easier to snug them! I wish I wouldn’t be so touched and impressed by their marketing wise maneuvers! But look at this! How can you stand cold faced with such artistic excellence?
Commissioned by Louis Vuitton, the witty people from Chameleon Visualknew exactly who they would bring on board for this special event which would help spice up the Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2011 Press day in Paris:Billie Achilleos, a British artist who is truly crafty, inspired and inspiring with clever installations. Thus the 4 Louis Vuitton animals were born: the Armadillo, the Beaver, the Chameleon, the Grasshopper. All entirely made out of small leather (and more) goods from Louis Vuitton! Just hit the jump for more creative amazingness!
Louis Vuitton Billie Achilleos Animals
Don’t, however, take this lightly and assume the four animals were made by chance just because this is all the artist could came up with from a pile ofLouis Vuitton accessories! Oh, no! There’s a reason for each and every one of them: the Armadillo is there to highlight the materials strength, the Beaver stands for functionality, the Chameleon – what else – for color and the Grasshopper for the sounds of zips and press studs, biensur!
Louis Vuitton Billie Achilleos Grasshopper
Louis Vuitton Billie Achilleos Armadillo
The collaboration is not random as well as not at its first installment. Billie Achilleos, a BA in Technical Arts and Special Effects from Wimbledon College of Art was first approached by Louis Vuitton back in when they wanted a pretty “Collector” installation for the windows of their Luis Vuitton New Bond Street Maison. The result was amazing and the collaboration went further (and I hope they won’t stop here). Billie is some kind of wonderful and her intricate, inspiring work will continue to delight me as I am determined to follow her work furthermore.
Louis Vuitton Billie Achilleos crab 2010
Louis Vuitton Billie Achilleos frog 2010
Also – does this project somehow brings in mind a certain dog purse (fake Louis Vuitton) we saw a while back making the rounds of the fashinterwebs (and more)? Because I’m having a case of serious deja – vu! (and no, I’m not charging the artists for she was commissioned by the house of Vuitton for this animals project! – artsy and crafty as it may be, I’m convinced someone in the house of Vuitton is charged with searching high and low the interwebs for … well.. whatever may be used for or against LV?) (more about Billie Achilleos herevia)
Louis Vuitton Billie Achilleos Animals Armadillo Louis Vuitton Billie Achilleos Animals Beaver Louis Vuitton Billie Achilleos Animals Chameleon
Louis Vuitton Billie Achilleos Animals Grasshopper Louis Vuitton Billie Achilleos Animals 1 Louis Vuitton Billie Achilleos Animals 2

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