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There is a great thread on the Oobi Facebook Page at the moment that asks fans what their favourite Oobi clothes are (from recent collections and archives). There are some lovely pieces on there, and I thought I would weigh in with some of my favourite pieces that have had much use from the Babies Bondville:

Little Bear Hoodie Jacket

One of my favourites (we have the chocolate and pink version), this knit is made from cotton and has undergone countless washes (machine, cold, delicate cycle) and two girls.

Ruby RabbitTruly iconic, the Ruby Rabbit has been hugged and squeezed and still looks great. I'm sure has made its way as a hip accessory into many a designer living room.

Bat Romper

Goodness this has been a little head-turner! It may have been designed with boys in mind, but like the dinosaur egg print, this bat design looks amazing on my girls.

Gelati Dots Party Dress

This was Sophie's first party dress and I still adore it. I was first attracted to the gorgeous candy-coloured spotty fabric, and we still get use out of the matching rosette. Too sweet.

Striped Knit Pinny

This pinny makes even the plainest outfit look stylish and is the piece that keeps on keeping on. Layer it over everything for years.

Dotty Raincoat

A relatively new addition, this raincoat is sunny and fun to brighten up those dreary days.

Parisienne bloomers

And of course the Parisienne bloomers which I believe started a huge return to frilly knickers four years ago and were my first introduction to the delights of Oobi.

And thanks to the amazing sale yesterday, we now have a fabulous tulip reversible cancan skirt, a pink April skirt, pink spotty tights and three more hats for our big girls' birthday. What are your favourites? I'm sure that Alex and crew from Oobi would love to know!

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