How to wear Sequin Dresses & Tops

You can buy the trendiest thing in the market, but it would be absolutely useless if you are unable to pair it up in the right manner. Fashion is not only about high end brands or expensive designer clothes; it requires skill to buy the right thing and the ability to team it up modishly.
One such garment that requires the accurate match with your other articles is the sequined dresses and sequined tops. You definitely do not want to be the centre of attraction as a shiny disco ball, rather be the reason for the heads turning around in appreciation for your style mantra.

Sequins are the ideal way to append that jovial element to your party look, or just to instill some glint into an everyday look.
If looking for a sequined dress, look for right color which suits your skin tone otherwise it can work in a negative way for you. Generally these dresses are associated with the night parties and events, but you can always look great if you pay attention to minute details. The dress can be paired with tights or light colored/ printed stockings depending on the color of the dress. You definitely don’t want to end up looking like a color carnival. Also pick up a neutral shade of pumps or stilettos which will give you a slender look. Team up your sequined dress with a shrug or a jacket and you are good to go. Don’t accessorize too much when it comes to jewelery as your dress already has the bling element. Pick up a pair of matt bangles and diamond studs for the ears.
It all comes down to how and when you prefer wearing it. You can always use guidelines and a little bit of advices, but it has to come from your own sense of style and presentation when it comes to dressing up.

Wearing sequin for a casual hangout

wearing sequin dress casualwearing sequin dress casual-2wearing sequin dress casual-3wearing sequin dress casual-4

Sequin tops

So what if you are planning to wear a sequined top for a regular college routine or a causal hangout. Pair it up with a pair of skinny or fitted jeans or trousers. Drain pipe pants works well too, but just keep the color neutral or mid tone depending on the color of the top.
Since it will be day time keep in mind not to accessorize yourself heavily as it will kill the look and make you look like mannequin in a jewelery shop. Pair it up with a couple of oxidized bangles with a matt look and don the scrunched one sided pony tail or a plat, wear very light make up; preferably foundation base and a light lip color.
      Pick up a pair of flat gladiators or flat slippers which would provide you the comfort to walk around easily during the day. Carry a duffle bag or a tote bag to complete the look.

        Wearing sequin top for an evening meeting

        wearing sequin dress formal-1wearing sequin dress formal-2wearing sequin dress formal-3

        Sequin tops

        If you decide to wear it for an evening meeting then you can also pair it up with some plain tuxedo-style trousers to craft a minimalist yet alluring look. Accessorize with a sleek clutch and simple studs.
        Finally, include some vital pumps in a bold hue to complete the look. Since it’s an evening meeting or date you want to feel great yet maintain that comfort level between your body and your garment. You can don straight hair with one side pony tail or a bun at the back.
            Apply minimal make up with a bit of blush to highlight the cheekbones and apply kajal and mascara. Try and give more emphasis to the eyes as they are the most expressive part in your body.

              Wearing sequin dress for a party

              wearing sequin dress for party-1wearing sequin dress for party-2wearing sequin dress for party-3

              Sequin dresses

              For the Saturday night fever look, just try picking up a sequined dress one inch above the knee level. Pair it up with some chic pumps which have a neutral color.
              Let your hair loose and team it up with single neck piece and thin silver or metal bangles in one hand. Try not to overdo it. As again apply subtle make up with the highlights on the eyes and the lips. Pair it up with a stylish clutch and your are ready to go.

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