How to wear khaki pants

What is Khaki

Khaki is also known as “Chinos”. Khaki is an Indian word for “dust” or “tan” color. Khaki as a word, in India, denotes a cloth that is dyed in dust color as well Khaki was introduced by the British Army in India. The term khaki is also synonymous to the uniform worn by Indian policemen.

Khaki pants for women
Khaki makes for a very elegant, classy and timeless clothing item. Khaki is authoritative yet friendly. Khaki is also a popular pant styles for men and women. They are versatile clothing item that offers comfort, fit, durability and easy care.

Khaki pants for women
Khaki pants are made of natural fabrics like cotton, wool or linen. Some synthetic fabrics and mixed blends are also available. Khaki is neutral in color and quite easy to mix match with other colors. The shade of the color is may and vary from dark to light tones.
How to wear khaki pants
  • How to wear khaki pantsTeaming khaki with other clothing items can be quite a task. Keep the material and texture in mind. Wear fabric that is in sync with the toughness of khaki. Cotton, jute, silk and linen are best options. Avoid wearing chiffon, georgette etc.

  • Even coordinating color might be a problem as the same color exhibits different appearance on different textures and materials.

  • Color coordination also requires some consideration. Although the choice remains quite personal yet there are a few tried and tested combination that can be tried.

  • Lighter tones of khaki can be worn with colors like lighter tones of yellow, cream, peach or beige. Even dark tones of black, brown and navy blue will do. White can also be paired with the tone of khaki.

  • Darker tones of khaki may gel well with rustic colors like brown, rust, tan etc. Olive color may also look good with this shade of khaki.

  • Regular tones of khaki can be paired well with red, green, blue, yellow, browns and tans as well. Almost all colors gel well with the color. Remember, regular khaki is a neutral tone and can be easily paired with all colors.

  • As a formal wear, you can wear khaki to all your business meetings and job interviews as well. A classic white shirt paired with khaki pants make for a very sound business wear.

  • As a casual wear khaki can be worn with fun and playfulness as the color is no longer dull and monotonous if done smart. Whites look good with khaki. Try wearing a white t-shirt with your khaki pant even while you shop or stroll.

  • For casual and less dressy parties team khaki with black or navy blue. Any warm color may also look great with light tones of khaki. Red pairs well with khaki.

  • Denims make for a great combination with khaki. Wear denim jackets for a casual look. Other cropped jackets may also make for a great look.

Footwear to wear with Khaki pants
  • Sneakers, sandals, flats and boots all look good with khaki pants.

  • Ballets pair well with khaki. All open toe styles of footwear can be worn with khakis.

  • Animal print footwear can add glamor and fun to any simple khaki ensemble.

  • Avoid wearing pumps.


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