How to Have a Beautiful Green Wedding

Why not use your wedding as a chance to celebrate not only the love that you and your fiance have for each other, but also for the Earth? More and more couples are deciding to plan green weddings which are eco-friendly. Having a green wedding does not mean sacrificing anything when it comes to style or fun, either. These tips will help you plan a beautiful eco-friendly wedding.
Set the tone for your green wedding with the invitations. These days there are more Earth-friendly wedding invitations than ever before, and they are just as pretty and elegant as conventional ones. Look for stationery which is created from either recycled paper or tree-free paper. Some of the most beautiful wedding invitations are made using materials such as mulberry fibers or even organic cotton, and they often feature special details like embedded leaves or seeds (so that your invitations can be planted!). Make your wedding invitations even more eco-friendly by choosing less toxic inks like soy or plant based ones.
Next we come to the “green wedding” gown. Every bride wants to look and feel amazing on her wedding day, and no one wants to give up an ounce of style to make a statement. Fortunately, a fabulous bridal gown and a green wedding are no longer incompatible ideas. One of the simplest choices you can make is to wear a vintage gown, either from a family member or an antique shop. Think about it like this: by wearing your mom’s wedding dress, you can respect the planet by recycling and make your mother happy at the same time. When Mother Earth and the mother of the bride are both happy, what could be a better start to your wedding?
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If vintage does not float your boat, check out some of the new wedding gowns from eco-conscious desigers. Designers like Olivia Luca and Threadhead create bridal gowns with classic and modern styling that any fashion-savvy bride would adore. Best of all, they use fabrics which are friendly to both the Earth and its inhabitants. “Green” fabrics include organic cotton sateen, bamboo, and hemp. If you have always imagined indulging in the luxury of a pure silk wedding gown, it is now possible to do without a guilty conscience. Look for some of the gorgeous new fair trade silk bridal gowns which promise that the silk is grown in a sustainable manner, the artisan weavers are paid fairly, and no environmentally destructive treatments like beach or dye are used on the fabric.
As a nice bonus, most eco-friendly wedding gowns are handmade in small workshops in the U.S., rather than produced in sweatshops offshore. This brings us to another way to “green” up your wedding: choose to include products which are people-friendly as well as Earth-friendly. Wedding accessories like handmade jewelry are absolutely gorgeous, and when you choose handmade wedding jewelry which is created domestically, you will be supporting a local business and reducing your carbon footprint.
Green wedding, earth-friendly wedding, eco-friendly wedding
Green wedding
Green Wedding, earth friendly weding, eco friendly bridal
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Speaking of the carbon footprint of your wedding, remember that the more local products you choose to include, the fewer emissions will be produced by transporting your goods. Select flowers which are available from local growers, local organic food, and even wedding favors which are handcrafted in your area. You will be doing good for the Earth, the local economy, and obtaining the freshet possible food and flowers for your eco-friendly wedding. Who know that doing good could also look and taste so beautiful?
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