How About Kids Wearing Aviator Sunglasses?

I made no secret of my passion for Aviator sunglasses over the years (and the articles). You know me well and, by now, you know how I like my shades. At the same time, however, motherhood has a strong grip on my fashionista self and the reality roots it has spread into my stylish alter ego cannot be denied.
In short: I found these retro Aviator style sunglasses for kids. I’m not saying they look unattractive! Au contraire, I think they’re perfectly tuned to the latest trends and fashappeals. And as much as I treasure my sunglassesand the protection they offer, I’m having serious second thoughts about shades for kids. Do they even need them? Why didn’t we had shades growing up? Would you make your kid wear sunglasses? 
Aviator Sunglasses for kids

Retro Aviator Sunglasses for kids

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