Hairstyling Products

The hairstyle can make or break a look, and even the “Little Black Dress” won’t do much for you if your hair looks like candy floss. However, with the right hairstyling products you can tame and stylize even the most unmanageable and temperamental hair.
However, you have to know which hairstyling product is the right one for you because you do not want to add to the “mess” by choosing something that is not meant for your hair type. The hairstyle products’ market is a teeming industry with an array of pots, tubes and bottles to choose from but they all can be categorized under a few basic groups.

Hair Spray

Also known as lacquer or spritz, this is the most common and basic of all hairstyling products and used to hold a style in place for a longer duration. It comes equipped with an aerosol spray nozzle or a pump.
hair spray-hair-styling-productHair sprays can be classified into flexible and strength according to their hold.  The flexible ones have a mild hold and are meant to keep an open hair style in place, without restricting its natural movement. The stronger sprays are more suited to “hold” up-dos and other elaborate styles.
There are specific sprays that cater to niches like holding curls, giving a “bed-head” look, straightening, removing frizz, brightening the hair and adding super shine.
Hair sprays with high alcohol spray can have a damaging and drying effect on the hair, so if you are a frequent user then the alcohol free ones are the best for you.  Ensure to brush out the spray evenly all over your hair if you are sporting an open style, to avoid the crunchy and stiff look.

Hair Mousse

Available in cream or spray form, the mousse is used to add shine, bounce, body, volume, mild hold, as well as tame flyaways and frizz. It is usually applied to damp or wet hair to give maximum effect. Mouse is generally associated with curly hair and used to tame wild curls, give a naturally wavy look or lift limp hair. If mermaid hairstyle is what you are looking for then the mousse will see you through.
Hair mousseDifferent types of hair mousse are available according to the specific style they cater to, namely curling, straightening and volumizing mousse. The curling mousse is usually devoid of alcohol and contains more conditioners. Straightening mousse is usually used before ironing the hair to give better result. The volumizing mousse is high on alcohol content and used to give lift to the hair.
You should take care not to apply more than the required amount, which is usually a golf ball sized dollop, as it can otherwise clump your hair down and also give it a sticky feel. Do not spray more than a coin sized amount as this will expand to become as much as a golf ball in quantity, and remember to shake the bottle before you spray it out. However, it should not be directly sprayed on to the hair but on the palm, and then worked through your locks.

Hair Wax

Hair wax is great for giving definition to layered hair, adding flicks and also controlling messy and unruly hair. Used for “holding” the hair, the advantage of using hair wax is that it does not harden on the hair. This gives your locks flexibility to be better styled.
Though, try not to get all excited and overuse because greasy hair does not look chic.

Hair Gel

hair gelThe hair gel is great for flicking out short hair, holding spikes and giving a messy look to the hair. Short curls can look more defined when gelled. This hairstyling product also tames flyaways as well as contours and crunches short hair.
However, those with fine or flat hair should ideally stay away from the hair gel as it can weigh down the hair and make it look stringy.

Hair Voluminizer

The voluminizer is a blessing for those of us not blessed with thick and dense hair. This product creates the effect of volume for thin hair and gives bounce to flat locks.


If you are looking for hair that is sleek and shiny then adopt the pomade.
The good thing about the pomade is that it does not stiffen or dry the hair but, on the flip side, it is quite stubborn. The hair may need quite a few washes once it is applied, that too with special shampoos, to get rid of it.


A few drops of the hair serum are more than enough to turn ragamuffin strands into radiant locks. They bring shine and gloss to the hair and banish frizzy flyaways. Serum also makes it easier to comb through unruly and unmanageable tangles.
Be careful not to apply too much in your zest to get Barbie Doll hair, also take note to not apply it on the scalp. This can weigh down the hair, and make it look oily instead of diva like.

Leave-in Conditioners

hair conditionerThese beauties do exactly what their name suggests; they continue to moisturize and nourish the hair long after you have stepped out of the shower. So, grab these goodies if you feel your hair is coarse, dull and lacklustre. However, like with all the other products named here, don’t apply more than the instructed amount!
So, these hairstyling products can completely change the appearance, texture and style of your hair with the right application. Quite like magic potions, aren’t they!

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