Great Ideas for Wedding Centerpieces

way. Thus, all the elements related to it must be able to portray this sense of uniqueness and exclusivity. This rule also applies to even the minor detail such as a wedding centerpiece.
Even they appear to be trivial, a wedding centerpiece has a mutually significant role in setting the right mood and partly contributes to the ambience of the whole wedding ensemble. Wedding centerpiece ideas range from cool and laid-back to luxurious and stylish. They are now treated as the most important component of decoration at a wedding reception. 
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Like any other tasks in the wedding preparation, setting up and dressing the tables for your wedding reception also deserves considerable amount of effort in planning and organizing. Random choosing may be difficult and frustrating as there are endless choices of items available in the current market that can be used as table centerpiece. The best way to overcome this is by searching for fresh, new ideas and then improvising them according to you preferences. Wedding sites on the internet, bridal books and magazines are some of the many good resources of ideas. It is also wise to set a few guidelines for yourself that you can follow when making your selection.
If you are having a themed wedding, do make sure that your table centerpiece matches perfectly with the theme. For instance, choose a centerpiece that suits well with the color scheme used for the other details of the wedding. The items and materials used and the arrangement also must blend well with the otherdecorations and ornaments. Next, you may also consider what type of tables you will be having at the reception. Will the guests be seated at small round or square tables, or will they be placed at long communal tables? Table centerpieces must be proportionate and well-balanced with the size and shape of the tables. Small and simple centerpieces will suit perfectly with small tables while a more elaborate and extravagant arrangements are meant for larger tables.  
Some couples tend to spend lavishly for their wedding while others have a rather slimmer budget. When making your selection, it is crucial that you choose wedding centerpieces that fits perfectly with your budget. You can opt for ready-mades that are widely available in wedding supplies stores and departmental stores; or with a little creativity and imagination, you can also make your own arrangements using various items and materials that you can easily find in your local craft supplies outlets and DIY stores at incredibly reasonable price. This is a brilliant way to cut cost so the fund can be allocated for other things. By making your own centerpiece, you can definitely be sure to get the distinguished look that will suit your wedding theme. A word of caution; do make sure you have sufficient time to make your own centerpiece. You might not be able to do it by yourself; seek help from others who are assisting you with the wedding preparation.
A flower bouquet is probably the most common and classic centerpiece used to decorate tables on wedding receptions. Not only they are beautiful and lovely, fresh flowers such as roses and lily-of-the-valley also give out pleasant aroma that can uplift the ambience and mood of the party. Dried flower arrangement also has its own appeal. They can be made ahead of time without having to worry that they will wilt on the wedding day. Get advice from professional florists; they will provide useful information on the type of flower of the season, the suitable color and type of arrangement. A floral centerpiece can be combined with various shapes and sizes of colored candles for a more delicate and elegant look.
Some couples opt for edible table centerpieces. This can be in the form of a beautiful fruit arrangement in a hand-woven rattan basket, a miniature of the real wedding cake, a cupcake tree or assorted candy bars in colorful wrappers arranged beautifully in cardboard boxes. These centerpieces can be decorated with satin ribbons, laces, confetti, beadings and glitters to add the finishing touch. 
For a romantic effect, you can also add a beautiful photo frame with the best portrait of you and your couple to the centerpiece. Some go to the extent of putting an elegantly decorated small photo album filled of various snapshots of the bride and groom so that the guests can have a look during the reception. You can also compose a short paragraph of how the both of you met and place it together with these centerpiece items. Wishing well is also a popular wedding centerpiece. Pens and papers or scented cards are placed in the centerpiece for the guests to write special messages and advices for the couples and then place them in the containers or ‘wells’ provided.
Whatever you do, make sure the both of you have lots of fun and enjoyable time preparing for the wedding party. Be creative and you will be surprised with the things you will be able to come up with. By the way, it is your wedding day so, feel free to have it your way!

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