Engagement Ring

Before wedding, usually man will engage the girl first. So, I will give some advice for man who want to give engagement ring. But, of course woman who want to read this post is no problem.
Kate Engagement Ring
You know Kate Middleton? The wife of Prince William. Here is her engagement ring, and some variants for this ring.
Kate Engagement Ring, Kate wedding ring
Kate Engagement Ring
Kate Engagement Ring, Kate wedding ring
Kate Engagement Ring variants
Simple Engagement Ring
If you are searching for simple but elegant rings, you can try these engagement rings.

Simple engagement rings, wedding ring

Simple engagement rings 1

Pair of Simple engagement rings, wedding rings

Pair of Simple engagement rings

simple engagement rings, wedding rings

simple engagement rings
Fancy engagement rings
If you want ring that complex but beautiful rings, maybe these fancy engagement rings will suit for you and your couple

fancy engagement rings, fancy wedding rings

fancy engagement rings

fancy engagement rings, fancy wedding rings, crown rings

crown fancy engagement rings

diamond fancy engagement rings, diamond fancy wedding rings

diamond fancy engagement rings
Gold Engagement Rings
Usually people will prefer platinum for engagement rings, but of course you can choose Gold Rings for your engagement. These are some good examples of those rings.

gold engagement rings, gold wedding rings
gold engagement rings
Diamond gold engagement rings, Diamond gold wedding rings
Diamond gold engagement rings

Gold engagement rings variants, Gold wedding rings variants
Gold engagement rings variants

Of course you can choose other engagement rings  give it with your heart to the one who you love

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