Crazy jewelry

Many designers have come up with some innovative designs and ideas and  have created some unusual and crazy jewelry. We have collected pictures of a few unusual and crazy jewelry pieces that you will enjoy watching. Every piece looks amazing and has a different concept. Some seem to be quite wierd as well.
Fashion jewelry plays an important role in building up every woman’s wardrobe. No outfit is complete without some chunky piece of jewelry. They add style and glamor to the entire look. Fashion jewelries come in various styles ranging from customized to statement jewelry, everything is available to compliment your personality and taste.

Crazy metal jewelry Rebekah frankCrazy jewelry designed by Rebekah Frank. Though, it looks like an armlet, still  I can’t make out what this piece of jewelry is exactly called, but it quite horrifies me.
Crazy jewelry Rebekah frankDesigned by Rebekah Frank this crazy jewelry is noting else but a metal bracelet featuring claws and thorns everywhere ready to attack.
Crazy jewelry by Rebekah frankDesigner Rebekah Frank presents this crazy jewelry  ’metal belt’ for those with a daring attitude and personality.

Crazy  jewelry by Ines SchwotzerThis crazy wire frame jewelry is designed by Ines Schwotzer, using weaving and braiding techniques. This crazy jewlery looks quite interesting.
Crazy jewelry recycled floppy disk braceletsDesigned by Oxx-An Alleweireldt, this bracelet is made by recycling floppy discs. An innovative approach of recycling discs and making wearable jewelry.
Crazy jewelryDesigned on the theme to repel others, this necklace showcasing series of syringes is designed by a jewelry designer Alexandra Chaney. Looks crazy.

Crazy jewelry earringsCrazy earrings designed by Bijules feature real human hair dyed with different shades of red and blonde that gels with the hairs.
Crazy earrings jewelryCrazy feather earrings designed by Laura Kranitz
Unusual jewelryCheck out this unusual and crazy jewelry featuring skeleton and bones. The jewelry is named “Vertebrae” and is made of glass-filled nylon and designed in CAD by students of Temple University.


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