Bluebelle kids underwear

It's my big girl's 3rd birthday coming up and I have been searching everywhere for lovely retro paper straws. I was checking out the greatTwiggi online party store, and on the blog, found owner Leonie's fabulous kids underwear label Bluebelle.

Swoon! Designed in Victoria and made from 95% organically-grown bamboo cotton, Leonie's range of singlets, knickers and trunks are truly gorgeous. More modest than most undies available for little ones, the underwear is both precious for a special occasion, and great for everyday romping around.

I absolutely love these sets; so perfect for when it all gets too hot in summer. It's lovely to see designs like these - inspired by an older generation - look so modern and fresh on our little ones. The trend towards vintage-feel clothes has really captured my heart at the moment (more Australian designers in this genre coming your way soon!).

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