Beyond the Scarf: Fabric Neck Accessories This Fall

Fabric neck accessories are popular this fall, and I don’t just mean scarves (we’ll get to those later). A number of note-worthy talents have surfaced with original designs, including the ones below.

When donning a Necklush, there is a surprising decision to make: scarf, cowl, or necklace? Whichever way you chose to wear this clever accessory, compliments will abound. Developed by Stephano Diaz and Troy Mattison Hicks, “Necklush is designed to put creativity into your hands.” Each Necklush is a unique bundle of cotton loops, hand-printed and made to order. Varying in thickness from Necklushies to the Necklush Ultra, these skeins of raw style are available in a variety of print and color combinations, perfect for every wardrobe.
The Multiway Fiber Necklace Wrap by Revisions Design Studio is “more of a versatile neck sculpture.” Made of flexible recycled fibers and closed with a magnetic clasp, the wrap is easily transformed from one-of-a-kind jewelry to chic skinny scarf. Currently available in Ivory, Black, Taupe, Bright Blue, and limited edition Copper, each piece is accompanied by a grey jersey bow brooch to further increase your styling options. Simple, comfortable, and modern, these wearable soft sculptures keep personal fashion interesting and effortless.
Amie Cunningham of Thief and Bandit hand-prints and braids these tiered fabric necklaces, which are instant conversation pieces. Using materials such as suede, leather, jersey, and even denim, Amie carefully combines the colors and textures that make her limited edition jewelry so successful. Also available are bracelets, headbands, and earrings of the same style, reflecting tribal influences. Eye-catching and temptingly tactile, Thief and Bandit jewelry will easily make you the center of attention in any social setting.

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