USSF Conspiracy against NASL by Burrito

Si, the title is a little dramatic, Burrito admit that. Pero, the way the United States Soccer Federation has handled this Division 2 matter kind of makes Burrito wonder if they really want NASL to succeed? Burrito listen to teleconference while playing with chew toy and Burrito was the first to cry bloody murder (Well, bark bloody murder) when USSF President, Sunil Gulati said the 5 U.S. based Division 2 teams would be excluded from this years U.S. Open Cup.
Porque? Why? Burrito's first thought was they lazy. Doesn't the tournament start in June? Then someone tweet that the last 2 USOC formats were announced on 5/5/10 & 4/30/09... Sounds like there is plenty of time to Burrito for teams to be included.
Then Burrito go to IMS and see some vato mention idea that maybe NASL wants to skip the tournament this year to save the costs. So Burrito contact his homeboy at Traffic here in Miami and they told Burrito that the NASL is happy they will be playing Division 2 soccer this year. They say the decision for NASL teams to not play the USOC was a USSF decision not that of the NASL... WTF?So we now know it was the Federation that came up with this idea. Is it punishement? Or as Burrito mention laziness? Or could the powers that be MLS, USL and USSF want NASL to fail?
Check this out: USL still claims they are division 2 without meeting the standards...
USL PRO is the strongest, best operated and most sophisticated North American men’s professional soccer league below MLS, both on and off the field. Focused on franchise stability and longevity...
We all know about the longevity of teams in USL throughout the years. That being said, and Burrito hate to be repetitive, pero after years and years of allowing USL to run division 2 at their whim, now, the USSF decides they will impose tough standards. (That in the end have been met). Notice there are no standards for Division 3 teams. Hmmmm...

What was also of concern to Burrito was the fact that when MLS Commissioner Garber was in South Florida to meet with Burrito's compadres los Miami Ultras he stated that for him USL and NASL were both 2nd Division... WTF? No Senor Garber, NASL is Div 2 and USL is underneath them.

To Burrito it seems everyone want NASL to fail. Not letting NASL teams play the USOC is proof that the USSF is run by idiotas! All this drama could have been avoided if they just sit down and talk rather then harm U.S. soccer by denying sanctioning left and right. Time for a revolution, time for new blood at the USSF. Bring down the mafia that runs U.S. soccer! That's it! Burrito gonna run for USSF president. Even a dog can do a better job then these pendejos!

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