Tazzie Colomb

Tazzie Colomb is a pro bodybuilder and have been competing and working out for almost 20years. she have won the womens extravaganza strength show a couple of times. During the extravaganza she set a personal record of squatting 270 for 61 reps. she is known as one of the strongest, sexiest female bodybuilders ever.

Possessing a colorful personality and an impressively muscular physique, Tazzie is always one to watch in the competitive heavyweight division. She turned pro after winning the 1992 NPC USA overall title and gets better every year. She placed third at the 2003 Jan Tana Classic. She is currently training for strongwomen contest.

Tazzie recently benched 385 and is closing in on 405. She entered her first full meet a couple of weeks ago and hit 365 bench 500 squat and 405 deadlift. She is considering doing the Bench America Meet in Chicago in a couple of months.

Tazzie Colomb
Height:5ft 7in
Weight:198 lbs
Home:New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America
Biceps 17"
Squat: 270 for 61 reps
Bench 315# for 5 reps
Curl 135# for 6 reps

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