Fawnia Dietrich Mondey

Fawnia Dietrich Mondey ran cross country and the 800m In elementary school. she also was on all the team sports but enjoyed volleyball most which is something she recently started playing again after 10 years off.

At the age of 13 with two 5lb dumbbells, she simply moved them around any way she could. Doing curls, shoulder presses and lying on her back and working her chest was her first workout.
At 16 she was starting to gain weight but didn't notice until turning 18. she gained some muscle during her first two years of dabbling with weights, but with her unbalanced diet she also gained fat. her weight was 140 lbs. When she lost weight from dancing, she saw that she had potential to build a nice physique.

first show in 1999, she found out what she was made of and placed 1st in the women's light weight, Muscle & Fitness Mania, in Burnaby, BC Canada. In Sept 2003 she competed a second time, but in figure rather then bodybuilding, and earned a spot in the Canadian Nationals.

In 2004 she placed 9th at the Canadian Nationals, and in 2005 placed 5th at the Emerald Cup. her prep for the Emerald Cup was a combo of weight training and pole dancing. Teaching pole dancing 20 - 30 hours a week kept her lean but she know that for her next show, she will need to include other forms of cardio.

Height: 5'4
Birthday: 9-24th-75 (Libra)
Weight: 125 off season, 108 competition, 115 comfortable
Measurements: 35-24-34
Hair: Blonde with brown low lights
Eyes: Blue

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