Donna Bramble

Donna Bramble is a fitness competitor.
Donna is new on the scene, but is already famous for her unbelievably peaked biceps, and the front and rear biceps are incredible, along with her deep, deep etched abs.

Like so many interesting physique stars, Donna arrived on the competitive bodybuilding scene with a bang in 1996, and after leaving many competitors in the dust via unreal biceps and abs, she left without a trace.

Donna Bramble left quite an impression on the bodybuilding fans when she arrived on the scene in 1996, but just as quickly, she disappeared from competition.
The reason for the lasting impression? Donna competed in natural competitions, displaying some of the most formidably peaked biceps (both front and rear poses are unreal) and abdominal muscles ever seen. Her legs are lean and developed, but Donna's upper body is overwhelming, and her incredible biceps, side chest, back and particularly her abs - the best 8-pack we have ever seen!

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