Betty Viana

Betty Viana is a female bodybuilder,born in Caracas , Venezuela on 09 October 1971.
Betty is MD Business Administration and Analist in Computer.
she started befor lifting weights ,Olympics Gimnastic, Profesional Contemporany Dancer.

when she was starting the BB life she never imagined that in the future she will be a PRO, Never in her mind.So In a while the time run, her body began to transform bigger, and more muscular, and she compete in regional contests in Venezuela as an amateur.

Amateur Competitions
1991 Miss Venezuela 1st Place.
1992 Miss Venezuela 2nd Place.
1994 Miss Venezuela 1st Place.
1994 Iberoamerican ChampionShip 3rd Place.
1994 South American Championship 1st Place.
1995 Miss Venezuela 1st Place.
1996 Miss Venezuela 1st Place.
1997 Miss Venezuela 1st Place.
1997 Cental American Championship 1st place and Overall (PRO CARD)

2002 South West Pro Cup ,Texas 1st Place HW. Overall.
2002 Miss Olympia, Las Vegas 7th Place HW.
2003 NOC NYC 1st place. HW
2003 Miss Olympia ,Las Vegas 4th place HW.
2004 Miss International, Columbus 6th place HW.
2004 South Pro Cup, Texas 2nd Place HW.
2004 Miss Olympia, Las Vegas 5th Place HW.
2005 Miss International, Columbus 2nd Place HW.
2007 Atlantic City Pro, Atlantic City 2nd Place HW
2008 Miss International, Columbus, 7th Place

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