Angela Salvagno

Angela Salvagno is an American professional female bodybuilder. Born in Willows, CA on January 13, 1976 and raised in Orland, CA, Angela grew up as a skinny, little girl, but was very athletic. She began learning gymnastics when she was 6 and practiced for 3 years. At 8 years old, she got into baseball and played little league for 3 years then went into the majors.

Teased by the other teams when first entering the majors, Angie showed them that while she might be small, she had a lot of power behind her. It was right around this time that she began learning taekwondo.

Angela trained for about 4 years and received a first degree black belt. She was asked to teach martial arts classes at the age of 13 but wasn't prepared for the responsibility at such a young age.

At 16, Angie was introduced to weight training. Her brother was involved in the activity at the time and after seeing the dramatic changes he had made over the years, she decided to give it a try.

She began intense weight training right away. Her body started to change in a matter of months. People began to take notice of her changing muscle tone. She was pretty exciting. At the time, her goal was to compete within 3 years. 8 years later that she competed in her first show.

Angela obtained her pro card by taking 1st place in the light-heavyweight class and winning overall at the 2009 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championship, earning her IFBB Pro status.

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