SF Soccer news: NASL sanctioning issues, Strikers, Beckham, Marine Stadium and more.

The main topic of the week so far was the decision by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) to pull its provisional Division 2 sanctioning of the North American Soccer League (NASL).
What bothers me is that for years the USSF sat there and watched the United Soccer Leagues (USL) do anything they wanted to soccer in this country from division 2 down. We saw dozens of teams fold, instability reign and nothing was done to correct it.
The moment a proposed league run by the team owners themselves was created, due to the USL's inability to work with its teams, is the moment the USSF decides to create rules and regulations that in my eyes looks like a road block to those opposing the incumbent league they were so used to dealing with. Suddenly, they decided to get strict... kinda makes you go 'hmmmm'.
So, the USSF says the issue was money. Well, the NASL just put up 6 million to cover that hole. If that doesn't ring stability I don't know what does! Let's see if the USSF comes up with another excuse. If they do then I think its obvious that there is more then meets the eye going on behind closed doors.
My message to the USSF: Work with the NASL to get them sanctioned. Create the stability you claim to want and get MLS, NASL and USL to work together for the good of soccer in this country.

The NASL has invested too much time and money to stop and not continue business as usual, having said that our local team the Strikers have released their 2011 schedule. You can see it by scrolling down to the previous blog post below.
The Miami Ultras are planning ahead for road trips to Tampa and one to Atlanta. Stay tuned for more information on that!

Beckham to bring MLS to Miami
The news of MLS to Miami continues this time People U.K. states David Beckham is being offered a deal to bring a team to the Magic City. While MLS Commissioner Garber was in South Florida for his meeting with the Miami Ultras, he did mention Beckham has the option of starting a team anywhere in the United States at a reduced price. Apparently the only condition is that it can't be L.A. nor N.Y.
More news from Ministry of Soccer says Beckham Might Buy Miami FC for MLS and Tribal Football has the same report.

Miami Marine Stadium
The Friends of Miami Marine Stadium were graceful enough to include this blog in their monthly news letter after a blog post we published made a little noise. Here is what they had to say:
The blog Football In Miami And Beyond provides up-to-date information on all things soccer in Miami and South Florida. Recently, the blog posted a story about placing a temporary floating soccer field in front of the Miami Marine Stadium. We don't know if this is fully feasible as the field would have to be easily moved and stored- but one already operates in Singapore. This particular story "went viral" and was posted on various soccer and sports blogs nationwide. Think of the possibilities the Stadium offers!
If you want to support the restoration of the Marine Stadium be sure to visit them at
Marine Stadium design by Derek Reese

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