Alica St Germaine

This charming 41 year old American is a native of Michigan, born 1969. the beautiful muscular body of Alicia, well emphasized in her mini dress very short and quite provocative.

she was a competitive Barefoot Water skier and swimmer. she started weight training to gain strength in these sports. Barefoot Water skiing takes a lot of strength.

she compete on a “pro” stage” and be part of female bodybuilding. she would like to look the way she want to look which is just a girl with lines, curves & muscle but doesn’t look like a guy. In another note, there have been some very beautiful, feminine, sexy girls that are placing at National Shows. she hope that sometime soon female body builders will be back on covers of Muscle Magazines and receive the respect that they deserve.

competition history
2004: Novice Michigan Light Weight Winner and Overall
2004: Michigan Championships Middle Weight Winner and Overall
2004: Nationals: Light Heavy: 15th Place
2005: Jr. Nationals: Light Heavy: 1st Place
2005: Nationals: Light Heavy: 11th Place

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