sasha brown (Anna Tkachenko)

sasha brown is figure competitor, personal trainer and fitness model.
she Workout Weights four to five days per week; cardio six days per week—30 minutes in the off-season and two hours precontest.

her Favorite foods are Peanut butter, almonds, sushi and tuna steak Factoid.
she have a degree in computer science and business management and she is also a certified personal trainer and specialist in performance nutrition. she has been practicing martial arts for six years. Three to five days a week she conduct boot-camp classes in a local park. she has done five NPC figure competitions and took first place and overall in her second show.”

Height: 5’6”
Weight: 133 off-season; 122 contest condition
Hometown: Ukraine
Current residence: Los Angeles, California
Occupation: NPC figure competitor, personal trainer and fitness model

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