monica mollica

Monica posesses absolutely terrifying strength in her massive quads. Once she clamps on her signature move, the frontal headscissor, it's instant tapping by all of her victims (or lights out in a matter of seconds).
Education: Bachelor's and Master's degree in Nutrition from the University of Stockholm, one semester at the PhD program "Exercise, Nutrition and Preventive Health" at Baylor University, Texas.

she was born on 14 April, 1980, in Stockholm, Sweden. Since childhood she have always been fascinated by sculptured, muscular athletic bodies. So at an age of 13 she attended a seminar with a fitness competitor, after which it didn't take long until she became a gym rat. she soon realized the importance of good nutrition for maximum results, and read everything she could get her hands on about healthy eating and training. Being amazed at how well her body responded to the weight lifting and nutritional improvements she implemented in herroutine, her desire to build muscle and compete grew stronger and stronger. With her background in dancing she felt confident enough to go up on the fitness stage.

Name: Monica Mowi
Born: 1980 April 14
Birthplace: Stockholm, Sweden
Residence: Florida
Nationality: Swedish-American
Height: 5'4" = 164 cm
Weight: Current off-season with visible abs, 145-155 lb
Lifting Record: Squats 335 lb = 152 kg for 6 reps, chins 14 reps, incline dumbbell presses 75 lb for 5 reps
Years Training: Since the age of 14
Body Type: Bodybuilder
Favorite Submission Hold: Headscissors
Leg Press: 1200
Biceps: 15
Quads: 25
Calves: 16
Crush Rating: 10

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