lorena cozza

Italian-born Lorena, with her explosive physique, lives and works in Italy.
Thanks to her physical qualities and talent, since 1998 she has achieved the best agonistic results and obtained a number of prestigious titles. Lorena, who is known as a leading Italian athlete in the world of professional fitness, even abroad, owes her results to her incisive character and inexhaustible energy, which has led her to hard weight-lifting trainings in the gymnasium for almost 14 years.
Her way towards agonistic contests started in 1998, after years of intense training under the close direction of a brilliant trainer. Seeing Lorena's genetic qualities and willpower, he convinced her to take part in the small category of the Natural Female Selection for the New York World Championships.
This will be her springboard to the world of bodybuilding and competitive fitness
After her first contest and victory, a series of contests and victories followed, until she became an IFBB professional in 2003.
Her job owes its roots to the artistic gymnastics and athletic trainings which she had always practised since she was a child.
Over the years, Lorena has collaborated with some Italian Fitness-oriented companies, working as a model, promoter, sales agent, technical consultant and personal trainer in many fitness centres.

She was also chosen to be the testimonial of Panatta Sport, leading manufacturer of equipment for fitness centres, The Freeway, famous producer of sport and free-time wear, Ultimate Italia, Gensan and Aqua Viva, producers of nutritional supplements for athletes.

Specialty: Figure
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Date of Birth: February 13
Eye Color : Green
Hair Color: Brown

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